Saturday, November 06, 2004

I watched Kill Bill vol. I last night, and it was so good! I was not expecting to enjoy it, and only rented it for research purposes (you know, keeping up with the culture around you). I really liked it. I wasn't expecting the women to be such bad-asses. I was expecting that kind of sexist fake badassery...You know, an excuse for women to run around in bikinis, and lots of screen time for ass. I can tell whether a film's women are really bad-asses or just t'n'a with bad-ass facial expressions by how I feel after the film. Sounds weird, but it's true. (sometimes the message can be subtle enough that I don't totally get it consciously.) If I see a film where the women are window dressing, I leave feeling empty. And I am temporarily aware of how important it is for women to be thin and hot (as exhibited by the film's main purpose for the women), so I'm thinking, hmm, maybe I need to lose some weight, while simultaneously feeling bored and disinterested enough to want to eat a pound of M&Ms.

After Kill Bill, however, I did not have that weird diet ennui thing. I literally stood up and started do faux kung fu moves around the apartment. Seriously. The women in the film were such undeniable bad-asses that I actually felt stronger and tougher and better about my life after watching it. It's a good thing the citizens of Oakland were safely in their beds because I could feel the power in my thighs and my biceps, and I was jonesing for something to do with that power! After ha-ya-ing and tae-bo-ing my way around my apartment, vanquishing imaginary foes, I drove the video back to it's store in my little flip flops and pajama bottoms, my hair in a bun. I may be a hidden bad-ass, but I don't mess around with late fees. I filed my nails a little and cuddled up in bed with the boys. I couldn't come up with any badassery to get myself into last night, but beware Bay Area! I still have Kill Bill vol. II to watch.

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