Tuesday, March 29, 2005
Lisa Marie Presley

I think Lisa Marie Presley is the greatest. I just heard yesterday that she has a new album coming out and I can't wait to get it. I'm glad to see that this one's getting some buzz. Her first album, like 2 years ago, was amazing. I was shocked to never hear it on the radio, never see it advertised, nothing. It was/is an excellent disc. I was always telling everyone how great it was, but it was like I was the only person who had heard of it. I heard about the cd because I read an interview with her in Rolling Stone at the time, and really liked how she came off. The interviewer was clearly surprised at how good the album was. I guess people think she's riding on Elvis' coattails or something. But it's absolutely not true.

She's really talented in her own right. She has a ridiculously great voice, and I like her lyrics and choices in collaborators. She looks like her dad to a shocking degree when she sings, with the eyebrow-raise and the lip-curl and the half-closed eyes. And some of her lyrics are fascinating, in light of her having lived in Graceland and all that. Her mom wanted her to go to school in France and be all schmancy, but she's super down-to-earth and rebellious. She reminds me of a cool (but not too cool), smart bartender at the local dive or something. She's got a real blue collar feel to her, and she's this nice mix of sweet and hard-ass. She's got, as they say, a great head on her shoulders. And she can swear, oo mama can she swear. I love a good cusser.

Lisa Marie Presley with her mom and daughter.

Cheers to more excellent music out in the world. It was really brave of her to start a music career, what with being King Elvis' progeny and all. The critics dream about thrashing those kinds of dreams. I'm glad that she's making a go of it. The world needs more women like her, loud-mouthed and talented and brutally honest. And willing to make (huge!) mistakes and just keep walking through it with her head up like: fuck you, I'm exactly who I wanna be; I dare you to be exactly who you wanna be too.

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