Saturday, August 06, 2005
music discovery
Have I mentioned how much I love
Oh, I have? Well forgive me: you are going to hear a lot more about it over the next many weeks. Music is the main reason for me to still be alive. Pandora has given me a shot in the arm.
Pandora has already become part of the vernacular of my friend-group. As in: "Ooo, this group is good. I'm gonna give their name to Pandora and see what she does with it." Daryl is already going to a show on Sunday featuring a woman he discovered through my Pandora radio station, Radio Lu. Even supreme skeptic Lulu has already bought a new CD because of Pandora's influence.

I went to this amazing show last night at The Independent. Griddle opened, my lovely Griddle. Then Kehoe Nation, which was just...amazing. Two drum sets, a stand-up bass, a virtuosic barry sax/clarinet player, and the singer/guitarist. The singer is a short Harley-lookin' dude with a ZZ Top beard who has an astounding voice. He went from an operatic (I shit you not: it was opera) tune to an Alice in Chains cover. Anyone who can veer from opera to Alice in Chains and light fires in the audience like that is a god. Both songs featured a guest accordionist who looked like Roberto Benigni. This group had the crowd in the palms of their hands. I don't know how to describe it; I was laughing and jumping and ecstatic.

At any rate, I met some of the Pandora guys. And you know what? They're not just talented, hard-working, sweet and music devotees. They are also hot. Of course, how can you be talented, hard-working, sweet and devoted to music without being hot?

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