Friday, August 05, 2005
the new mexico recap
I put a bunch of New Mexico pics up, for those who haven't perused them yet.

I've lost some steam, and isn't that the way of vacations. I had such an amazing time that my boss said she had never seen me happier when I came to work 12 hours after getting home. And now my "real" life has come crashing in on the party. Dr. appointments, work, training, school b.s., financial aid snafus extraordinaire, and the occasional cut and scrape just for fun.

So! Where were we? I told you about my fun Friday night in Albuquerque.
the sniff test
Here's the sniff test being administered to the skunked dog after the bath.

Saturday found Kathy and me on a road trip through Northern New Mexico.
We stopped in Chimayo, one of my favorite places, for the Santuario/shrinage/famous healing dirt.
Chimayo   inside the Santuario de Chimayo

This is Not Drinking Water  (you heathen!)
The Holy Water is labeled, but it's always good to add a note requesting that people not drink it.

Then, on to Taos. We were hoping for a little cooler weather; it's usually cooler in Taos and Santa Fe than it is in Albuquerque. It was 96 degrees in Taos. Oh, well.
relaxed, how about that?   happy!

the kingdom of heaven

We toured the grounds of a fantastic, and fantastically expensive, Taos hotel/resort called El Monte Sagrado. This solar "plant" was on their grounds, and I couldn't get enough. It's a statue, it's solar power, it's both! I love practical art, man.
solar energy

We had to take a pic of me with the Taos Plaza bear. The very first weekend I lived in New Mexico, a similar shot was taken of me with the bear. Back then he wore an apron. Now he's in low-rise jeans, so I took the opportunity to pretend to grope him. You readers know, of course, that I'm too gentile to make out with bears. In public.
getting to third with the bear

road to Cohiti Pueblo

Back in Albuquerque, no New Mexican vacation is complete without a walk on the ditches, or acequias, the old-style irrigation in the North Valley of Albuquerque.

beauty   yum
view facing West, view facing East with the Sandia mountains [sigh]

paul and his view
Speaking of the Sandias, here's Paul in his side yard. Damn.

rico and me
Rico took me out to lunch.

the patio
This was my home base, at Kathy's house. Thanks to Kathy for her lovely hospitality. I'm glad I went, I'm glad I'm home. Namaste, kumbaya, it's all good.

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