Wednesday, April 05, 2006
* I'm watching my weight, trying to get back my girlish figure, and I'm actually being very good about it. I feel less bloated and less out-of-control, and it's only been a few (official) days.

* Henry and I enjoyed the sunshine today.

* Daryl and I are going to see Colin Hay on Easter, and I cannot wait. Also? KT Tunstall. Yeah baby. Daryl heard she was coming back and he was on it.

* Daryl and I went to see Feist during NoisePop, and she was fucking amazing. I also got to see Girlyman in March, and they were the cat's pajamas. I had such a blast.

* I've been reading a lot of children's books for school, and some of them are amazingly good. Criss Cross, for example, I would recommend to any adult who likes good literature.

* I had a nice birthday despite the month of grieving immediately beforehand.

* I went to a show at The Make Out Room, and I literally sold the shirt off my back to a stranger. (I had a see-through shirt on underneath though, so I had to put my jacket back on.)

* I took my first sailing lesson and it wasn't all that fun, but I imagine it will get better each time.

* I started to knit a pair of socks, but it was hard and not fun, so I ripped the stitches out hastily.

* I've seen some good DVDs lately. Buddy, Aberdeen, Goldfish Memories, Scotland PA (again), & You, Me and Everyone We Know. (actually, that last one was quite interesting, but it made me uncomfortable on several fronts.)

* I still like my job, and I really like most of my co-workers. (wow.)

* The cd mixes I made had both my dad and my brother in tears (in their respective homes). And they're really snotty about music. This is an unparalleled success. I can't wait to make more.

* Why do some people ask "why?" if you say you don't have a significant other? Why is coupledom considered the default? I want to say to these people: "Why are you in a relationship? You're not exactly a shining endorsement!" Ditto for the Procreation Fascists. They ask married, childless people "why don't you have kids?" Fuck that shit. That really bothers me. I can't fathom why deciding not to have kids, even if you're great with kids, is not just as understandable as wanting to procreate. Why on earth would one choice be "better" than the other?

* Hey looky at my new sidebar. You can see my ten most recent Pandora stations. Cool, eh? Check out 'Daring Females.' Pretty bad ass!

* I'm going to the dentist next week. For the first time in many years. Yikes! I didn't have insurance for a while there, and I even tried a free clinic and a low-fee clinic, but I just couldn't seem to get any care. I only have 1 cavity so far, but I bet I'll be diagnosed with number 2 next week. I bet you envy me, don't you.

* I still miss Rain a lot, but I don't cry over him all the time any more. Thank you to those of you who checked in on me now and again. Daryl and Kathy, mostly. It meant a lot to me. It was a very bad month. Thanks to everyone who showed any kind of support. (update: oops, I spoke too soon. I scrolled down and saw those precious photos of Rainy-butt and almost lost it again. he was so damn important to me.)

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